Let’s start from beginning: what is a Press Kit?

The answer could seem obvious, but this is a little known tool.

If you are a band, a Presskit it´s your personal resume, essential when you have to introduce your band to promoters, agencies, labels and radios.

The Presskit gathers all informations about your band and your career: bio, photos, videos, songs, reviews, articles, events and live gigs.

Do you begin to understand its importance?

If you are a teacher, it is good way to collect your degrees and experiences to introduce yourself to music schools or academies.

Nerogatto Studios offers you a smart solution: a web page with many customizable options to realize a complete and useful resume, just a click away!

You don’t need to own a website, we can provide graphics and web development.

Also if you are a photographer or a video maker you can use our Web Presskit to build your own portfolio.

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QHere some examples